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Star Wars Rebel B-Wing Bomber
Star Wars Rebel B-Wing Bomber
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Star Wars Rebel B-Wing Bomber
The B-wing is one of the Rebel Alliance starfighters in the fictional Star Wars universe. The B-wing was designed for Episode VI: Return of the Jedi, the final film in the original trilogy. Although the B-wing was initially supposed to appear in several scenes, the machine made only a fleeting appearance in the film. The model was too narrow to be clearly seen from the front or back, and there were problems creating a fine enough matte. The most widely available photograph of B-wings in action - a shot of two machines destroying an Imperial Star Destroyer - is a photographic mock-up. It was released as a toy by Kenner in the US in 1984.
In the fictional world of Star Wars, the B-wing is one of the Rebellion's most heavily-armed starfighters and a key factor at the Battle of Endor. The B-wing is essentially a long wing with a pair of folding S-foils and an array of weapons, including ion cannons, proton torpedo launchers, and laser cannons. Because the cockpit is surrounded by a unique gyrostabilization system, the pilot always remains stationary, even as the rest of the ship rotates during flight. This can also be taken advantage of during take-off, as the fighter's hull is in horizontal position while landed and thus it can take-off from capital ships with a lower fighter bay door than the fighter itself.

Personally designed by Admiral Ackbar with the help of skilled Verpine shipbuilders, the B-wing has proved one of the most versatile starfighters in the galaxy. Initially, a single prototype B-wing was produced to test the ship's unique design. This single starfighter was then sent on a test mission to destroy an entire TIE fighter staging area on Yunkor IX. The B-wing succeeded, and the Rebellion commissioned a full squadron of the starfighters.

Integral to the B-wing's success is its adaptability: the craft's eight weapon mounting emplacements are interchangeable modules, allowing Alliance mechanics to easily reconfigure each ship's complement of weapons depending upon the pilot's preferences and mission requirements. The B-wing's incredible performance played a part in Ackbar's promotion to Admiral, and led the way for the Rebel Alliance's attack on the second Death Star at the Battle of Endor.

Always heavily armed, the B-wing's primary mission profile usually involves attacks on much larger Imperial ships. Utilizing ion cannons and other unusual weapons, the B-wing is capable of quickly disabling these targets. Secondary missions include assault strikes on orbital and ground-based Imperial facilities, and escort duty for X-wing and Y-wing fighter squadrons.

Because of its radical design and numerous weapons, the B-wing is notoriously difficult to handle. Only the most skilled pilots can even attempt to control the craft. Among the most successful B-wing pilots are several Sullustans, including Tien Nunb. Still, B-wings played a great role in the Battle of Endor and the New Republic's assault on Coruscant. The fighters were even responsible for destroying Darth Vader's private citadel on the Imperial Capitol.

After the Battle of Endor, Ackbar aided in the design of a more advanced B-wing, the B-wing/E2 or "Expanded B-wing". The model boasts an elongated command module, allowing for a gunner seated directly behind the pilot. The addition of the gunner has relieved much of the burden of combat duties from the pilot, resulting in much higher kill ratios for the B-wing/E2. The fighter is also more durable and faster than the original, but less maneuverable due to the larger cockpit.

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